Tramis | Basic principle of work
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Our Values​​, Philosophy and Objectives
Basic principle of work
How and what for we work?
Our objectives
Tramis offers not only international logistics services, Tramis offers its expert status, knowledge and experience.

The main difference lies in the fact that you can rely on the opinion of an expert. He knows what the customer needs, and is ready to share his both positive and negative experience. He sees the picture as a whole and has all necessary knowledge and skills.
The philosophy and strategy of TRAMIS are based on the priority of long-term prospects over short-term benefits. It is much more important for TRAMIS experts what to aim at rather than how fast they can do it!

How do we work?
We work hard to make Tramis the best logistics company for our customers. We achieve success only through the success of our customers.
Who do we work for?
We want to set the example that today in Russia it is possible to work according to the European standards, providing a high level of service, the compliance with all arrangements and the maximum openness for the customers.
To become the leader in providing customs and logistics services in Russia and all around the world
Well-being of our customers
To ensure the stable growth and well-being of our customers, partners and employees
Exceptional quality of services
To provide not only customs and logistics services, but to be always exceptional in terms of quality, observance of standards, innovative solutions and, as a consequence, to be as beneficial to our customers as possible.
Sustainable development
To constantly improve and go forward, to ensure the highest standards of logistics, forcing competitors to follow these standards in order to remain in the market. Thus, to change the entire industry as a whole, providing the constant striving of the logistics market to develop and achieve excellence.