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History of TRAMIS
Opening remarks
Sergey Kovganko
Yulia Novikova
Company History
The history of a company is always the biography, the story of people who created a business system that works effectively and evolves successfully.

The history of TRAMIS grows out of the story of two people who have always been eager to obtain the best results in their work, to do something new and have never been afraid to be different from others. Today, TRAMIS is an international carrier with the highest level of service. In the near future, the company plans to open branches in Kazan and Ekaterinburg. TRAMIS has been actively working in Kazakhstan and Belarus since the formation of the Customs Union.

One can and should endeavour at perfection. The world is changing every moment and we always have something to think over, to work with and to strive for. My team and I are ready for the dialogues, offers and challenges.

Sergey Kovganko
Director General

Born on July 29, 1980, in Ukraine in a military family. His parents often changed their place of residence, and Sergey, as a child, lived in several cities, having changed 8 schools.

In 1994 Sergey entered the Ussuriysk Suvorov Military School, from which he graduated with honors.

In 2002 he graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg Military Transport University with a degree in Transportation Management Engineering for Various Modes of Transport. During his studies, he was awarded two letters of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin.

He decided to follow in his parents' the footsteps after the university getting into the military service. From 2002 to 2005 he served in Vladivostok as a Lieutenant in the position of Assistant to the Military Commandant of the railway section and Vladivostok station.

However, the military service could not provide the implementation of opportunities, which Sergey dreamt of. In 2005, he moved to St. Petersburg and got a job as an International Transportation Manager in "Atera". It was only two months later when he became the Head of the International Transportation Department.

Being engaged in logistics, one needs to have his own specific attitude, in which the most essential thing is not a narrow outlook on details but a general view on the situation taken as a whole.

Yulia Novikova
Financial Coordinator

Born on May 30, 1981 in St. Petersburg.

She graduated from the Physics and Mathematics School No.308. She has been distinguished by her mathematical abilities since school years, she easily solved in mind equations with three-digit numbers.

In 2003, she graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, "Commercial Activities and Entrepreneurship".

From the 4th year of study, Yulia had begun working in the nationwide Betalink communications store chain as a Sales Assistant for cell telephones. While still being a student, she had become the Store Manager and won the contest "The Best Sales Assistant of the Year".

While studying at the University, she had completed a course of training of customs declarants.

After graduation she worked in Gruzomobil group of companies. She had worked as a Logistics Manager for just over a year. It was not interesting for Yulia to work in that company. It took only two hours a day for her to perform her duties, and in the rest of the time she showed the initiative that nobody needed.

Yulia changed her job and got a position of International Transportation Manager in "Atera" in the department headed by Sergey.


Sergey and Yulia successfully worked in "Atera". However, during the crisis, "Atera" passed reorganization and the positions related to international transportation were abolished. It was at that moment when Sergey and Yulia decided to start their own business and become business partners. They bought vehicles on the instalment plan from "Atera" and on September 26, 2006 became an international road carrier. It is the date on which TRAMIS was founded.

Crisis of 2008

For about two years TRAMIS had been delivering containers from Finland to Russia. The company became a full member of the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP). The crisis of 2008 made the road transportation unprofitable. Sergey and Yulia sold a part of vehicles and became involved in the customs clearance of the goods delivered through the ports of St. Petersburg. At the same time TRAMIS entered into contracts with shipping lines and started to deliver cargoes from the Asia-Pacific countries to Russia. Once again, the crisis gave rise to the company. In difficult economic conditions, the business partners found opportunities for the growth of TRAMIS and transition to a new quality level.


In 2008-2009, TRAMIS was engaged in the transportation of goods through the ports of St. Petersburg. Sergey and Yulia were not satisfied with the particularities of work of the Baltic Customs, constant unpredictability of prices and delays in the delivery of goods. Aiming to work efficiently, to be a reliable partner for their customers, to ensure the compliance with agreements, the management board of TRAMIS began to search for another way of cargo delivery.


In 2009, TRAMIS opened its first branch in Vladivostok. In 2010, it opened a branch in China. The Head of this office is a native of China, who works in the TRAMIS headquarters in St. Petersburg. Thus, TRAMIS began delivering cargo from the Asia-Pacific countries through the ports of the Far East, providing the highest level of services both in the territory of China and Vladivostok. The office in St. Petersburg became a sales and ideas generating office.


TRAMIS began developing MyTRAMIS online program that gives a unique opportunity to track and trace on-line the progress of shipment 24/7.

The program makes it possible to collect all cargo documentation and information on cargo movement in one place. It saves in tens of times the manager's working hours. One manager monitored 20 containers without using MyTRAMIS, and while using this program he or she can monitor 200 containers at the same time.


MyTRAMIS program was launched in the test mode in May 2012. Having tested it in practice, having introduced a series of changes, and having protected the information with the latest cloud technologies, TRAMIS launched the program into operation in early 2013.


Today TRAMIS is an international carrier with the highest level of services. In the near future, the company plans to open branches in Kazan and Ekaterinburg. TRAMIS has been actively working in Kazakhstan and Belarus since the formation of the customs union.